Our Fish Provenance

Our Fish Provenance

Alaska Pollock

Theragra chalcogramma

Where your fish comes from:

Alaska Pollock belongs to the same fish species as Cod and Haddock – known as the Codfish or Gadidae family. It could be found in the Sea of Okhotsk, between the eastern Siberian coastand  the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

More on Alaska Pollock

Alaska Pollock have the same slender body as Cod and Haddock, but the chin barbel is very small or absent. It can grow to 105 cm and can live for up to 22 years, but it is generally younger when caught. 

The adult Alaska Pollock usually live near to the sea floor where they congregate in dense schools, especially at spawning time. They feed on small creatures, such as krill and other crustaceans and on other fish. 

Alaska Pollock is a mild fish and very tender and it is used widely in our products and is available in our fish fingers and in our Inspirations ranges.
theragra chalcogramma