Our Fish Provenance

Our Fish Provenance

Wild Pink Salmon

Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Oncorhynchus gorbusha

Pink Salmon or humpback salmon, as with all salmon, have a typical adipose fin on the back. They can grow up to 76 cm in length, in the ocean, they are blue-green on the back, silvery on the sides and white on the belly. They stop feeding before spawning and become dark on the back and red with brownish blotches on the sides. In addition, males develop a large hump, which is why they are also called humpback salmon. The flesh is pink coloured, mild-flavoured and very tender. Like all wild salmon, Pink Salmon are anadromous, that is, they hatch in freshwater, then migrate to the ocean where they feed and grow. They feed on small crustaceans, squid and small fish. After 2 years, they complete their life cycle by returning to freshwater to spawn and die.

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