We are the biggest fans of Pea recipes!

Peas are a really versatile vegetable and they are the most consumed frozen vegetable in the UK. Peas have many health benefits such as being low in calories with only 68 calories per 100g of garden peas, being saturated fat free and containing nutrients include vitamin C, folate, vitamin B1, iron and zinc.
Peas are also delicious and easy to combine in lots of tasty recipes. At Birds Eye we love all the delicious ways you can use peas and have come up with lots of options.
For example, what about a Pea and Salmon risotto, a hearty pea and ham soup or even a pea ice cream? The possibilities are endless!
Birds Eye has been growing peas for over 70 years, and our peas are grown with love to taste the sweetest. You can try all our recipes using our pea recipe configurator. Be sure to share photos of your pea recipes to the Birdseye Facebook and Instagram page if you give any of them a try or come up with your own.

There is a pea recipe for every situation and every moment. Create your own combination here!

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What about a fast and easy pea soup for lunch?

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What about a delicious pea risotto for dinner?

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Peas Recipe Videos

  • Pancetta & Petit Pois Recipe
  • Pea & Ham soup Recipe

We not only have the most delicious pea recipes, but we also know everything about peas!