Our sustainable strategy

Working together for a better future

The world is rapidly changing and we have to work together to make sure our resources are used in a better way to secure the future of our planet.

That’s why we work collaboratively across our local markets to tackle complex issues, address environmental threats, and to drive change on a global scale.

We have developed a sustainability strategy that works towards a future where both people and the planet can thrive.

Delivering on both delicious taste and sustainable sourcing is key to everything we do. From our famous Fish Fingers to our nutritious little peas – people enjoy our wide range of responsibly produced food on a daily basis.

Frozen food is a great choice for a sustainable lifestyle. It’s versatile, always available, and keeps fresh for longer. It’s also just as nutritious as fresh foods and helps reduce food waste.

We’re making progress in contributing to healthier and more sustainable diets. We’ve been sourcing our fish and seafood products using sustainable fishing practices for more than 20 years. We also grow the majority of our vegetables according to sustainable agriculture principles.

We’re continuously developing our sustainability agenda by considering our role in the world and the impact we have as an organisation. This is how we put sustainability at the heart of how we do business:


Better Sourcing:

  • We source with care and respect, for people and for the environment. We focus on sustainably, responsibly sourced fish and seafood and our sustainable farming standards are expanding from regional practices to global standards.


Better Nutrition:

  • We want to inspire families to eat a more balanced diet and live a healthier lifestyle. With our wide range of fish, vegetables, and chicken we are in a great position to do this. All our recipes are assessed using our custom-made Nutrient Profiling Tool, which has confirmed more than 80% of our product range as ‘’healthy meal choices’’.


Better Operations:

  • We’re reducing our impact on the environment by focusing on energy, water, and waste management.
  • Sustainability is important for our employees, which is why we work together for a more sustainable future.
  • We strive for equality and diversity in our workforce.


Our Targets

At Birds Eye, we work together with Findus and Iglo to form Nomad Foods - Europe’s biggest frozen food company. Our scale helps us have a bigger impact. We are committed to making real change and have set clear targets increasing our sustainability. Our targets address key topics like sourcing sustainable fish, increasing recyclable packaging, decreasing the use of additives or preservatives as well as sustainable agriculture.
These commitments are applicable across the group and are to be achieved by the end of 2025 (at the latest).

Sustainable fishing, ethical fish provenance
Sustainable agriculture and farming
Tasty food with less taste enhancers
Healthy meal choices, balanced diet
More sustainable eco-friendly packaging, recyclable packaging
 Birds Eye will reduce energy, reduce water waste, reduce water usage and greenhouse gas emissions

As a major food supplier, one of our top priorities is ensuring that everything we produce meets the highest standards of food safety and quality. Our customers deserve nothing less. Failing to provide this could negatively impact the health and safety of those who consume our products. Read more about our approach here.

Our sustainability targets are aligned with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (2/6/7/8/12/14/15).


Our Sustainability Report

Someone wise once said actions speak louder than words. That’s why showing progress in a transparent way is one of our fundamental values, it’s why we published our first Nomad Foods Europe Sustainability Report in 2017, and why we’ll release a new report every year.

Sustainability Report 2019