A great way to do your bit

With Green Cuisine it’s never been easier to do your bit. Whether it’s swapping your chicken dippers for chicken-less ones or your favourite burgers for meat free burgers. Green Cuisine makes plant-based eating so easy, that no matter what you choose, you can enjoy something that tastes good and does good too– Welcome to the Plant Age!


Power up your taste buds with our frozen Green Cuisine range featuring delicious alternativas a la carne. From moreish meat-free burgers and meatballs packed with protein, to tasty veggie bowls or prep vegs. Tasty, convenient and protein-rich. What more could you want?


Chicken Free Dippers

Veggie fingers


Green Cuisine is a simple and easy way to eat meat-free. With a wide range of options to suit even the pickiest eaters, here are some recipes to get you going.


Our Green Cuisine meat-free range delivers plant goodness, and doesn’t contain artificial colours and flavourings – what’s not to love?


We’re doing everything we can to bring the benefits of plant-based eating to everyone, by making it convenient, tasty, and affordable as possible. So we can all help save the planet one bite at a time.