Delicious Chicken And Pasta Recipes

Delicious Chicken And Pasta Recipes
There’s no better way to enjoy a comforting pasta dish than when it’s accompanied by the delicious flavours of Birds Eye chicken. Our collection of chicken and pasta recipes are a great way to rustle up a quick and nutritious meal, saving you time in the kitchen and giving you more to spend with friends and family. So, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your pasta dishes more exciting, read on for our collection of mouth-watering meals.

Orzo Pasta with Crispy Chicken

Orzo Pasta with Crispy Chicken is a tasty and filling recipe for any day of the week. This chicken and pasta recipe is quick and easy-to-make, combining a variety of ingredients that will turn your plain pasta dish into one that’s full of flavour!
Find out how to create this recipe by following our simple steps.

Penne Arrabbiata with Peri Peri Chicken Chargrills

Sensationally seasoned with chilli and garlic, our Penne Arrabbiata with Per Peri Chicken Chargrills is a hearty pasta dish with a kick!
This chicken and pasta dish combines simple penne pasta with our delicious Peri Peri Chicken Chargrills that are full of flavour. Great for last minute dinners and mid-week meals, or even for lunch if you’re feeling hungry.
Discover this simple yet delicious dish with simple steps you can follow.

Chicken Pasta Bake

A timeless classic that’s long been a family favourite, our chicken and pasta bake is a hearty meal that will never go out of style.
Quick and easy to make yet packed with ingredients and delicious flavours, there’s no better way to enjoy the combination of chicken and pasta than when it’s baked in the oven and topped with melted cheese.
Read on to find out how to create this irresistible chicken and pasta bake.


Chicken Pesto Pasta

We teamed up with Mummy blogger Toby and Roo to create this delicious 20 minute pesto chicken recipe.
Discover the simple steps to make the pesto pasta recipe here