Chicken Salad Recipes For All The Family

Chicken Salad Recipes For All The Family
Not just for summer, a simple yet delicious salad is the perfect meal for any time of year.
Our collection of chicken salad recipes will see you cooking up a storm in the kitchen, combining a variety of ingredients and flavours that we’re sure you’ll love. From a classic chargrilled chicken Caesar to an exotic Brazilian chicken salad, we’re sure you’ll find a chicken salad recipe that the whole family will enjoy – whether served as a main meal or a tasty side.
Read on for more chicken salad ideas and inspiration.

Salmon and Sweet Chilli Jacket

Brazilian Chicken Salad

Bursting with tropical flavour and packed with goodness, this exotic Brazilian chicken salad isn’t just for special occasions - it’s a perfect dish for your family table too!
Birds Eye Brazilian chicken chargrills combined with a variety of fresh ingredients makes this a recipe that all your family and friends will enjoy. It’s easy to make, whether you’re serving as a side or as the main event. Discover this tasty dish here.

Salmon With Dill

Original Chicken Chargrill Caesar Salad

A great addition to your family menu, our chargrilled chicken Caesar salad is a classic dish that’s great for no-fuss entertaining.
Our recipe combines tasty chicken chargrills with fresh salad, topped with croutons and shavings of parmesan to create the iconic salad that’s loved by many.

Discover the delicious chicken Caesar salad recipe here.

Salmon and Sweet Chilli Pita

Chicken Dipper Salad

What better way to enjoy our Birds Eye chicken dippers than with this refreshing and easy-to-make salad.
Combine the flavours of your favourite chicken dippers with the fresh ingredients included in this salad recipe and serve up a crowd-pleasing dish that everyone will love.

Discover this crowd pleasing recipe here.