How we make healthier meal choices


Here at Birds Eye, we’re proud of our nutritious products. We’re passionate about helping you make nutritious and healthy meal choices, while also providing products which taste delicious and are perfect mealtime solutions.  


It starts with nutritious ingredients

A healthy, balanced diet needs to contain appropriate amounts of energy, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, and these should ideally come from a wide variety of foods. We aim to craft foods that allow you to easily follow a healthy, varied and balanced diet.  

We start with nutritious ingredients. Vegetables are full of goodness, bursting with vitamins and minerals. Fish is naturally healthy, full of protein and providing other vital nutrients. Chicken is a versatile white meat, full of protein. The list goes on. These real, simple ingredients are the perfect base from which to craft our products, adding sauces, coatings, herbs and spices, and blending ingredients to make delicious food products.  We take care to prepare our foods such as our Fish Fingers with good quality oils containing proportionally little saturated fat, which are recommended as part of a healthy diet. 


Looking at the complete nutritional profile of the dish

Once we’ve crafted a product, we then carefully check to make sure it’s as nutritious as possible. To do this, we look at the whole product, and its levels of: 

Saturated Fat 
Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts 

Healthy eating is about balance and our approach to crafting healthy meal choices uses this principle. We should all be trying to limit our saturated fat, sugar and salt intake, and need to make sure we eat the right number of calories for our own energy needs. We also need a good amount of protein in our diets to keep our muscles and bones healthy, should eat good quality fats such as those found in nuts and seed oils, and need enough fibre. And, of course, our diets should be filled with a variety of different fruits and vegetables for their numerous nutritional benefits.  

Therefore, when determining the healthiness of our foods, we look at the balance of those nutrients we need to limit, and those nutritional goodies a healthy balanced diet requires. If the balance isn’t as good as we think it can be, for the type of food and eating experience you all expect, we challenge our talented chefs and food developers to make it better. 

Food should be enjoyed, and we hope that we manage to create for you all great tasting food, that meets your mealtime needs, and which is also as nutritious as we can make it.   

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