The nutritional benefits of Green Cuisine

Like every Birds Eye product, we’ve made sure that every aspect of your Green Cuisine eating experience is served at its generous best. Here’s the lowdown on all the goodness that’s been packed into every bite. 

Rich in Protein 

Meat-free but certainly not protein-free, this range is enriched with a plant-based protein taken from a specially selected type of pea. Protein is essential in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, maintaining healthy bones, and generally for the growth, maintenance and repair of our bodies. Big tick.

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Low in Saturated Fat 

Whilst they contain some healthy fats, all products in this range are low in unhealthy saturated fats, meaning that you can rest assured you’re eating something that’s good for you. Lovely.

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Source of Fibre

As our Green Cuisine range is plant-based, it’s a great way to boost your fibre intake.

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Here at Birds Eye, nutrition’s a bit of a passion of ours, and we want to help you all eat a little more goodness every day. This means eating healthy staples such as vegetables, fruits, starchy carbohydrates and lean proteins.

However, eating healthily also means taking in a wide variety of plant based foods – and our Green Cuisine is 100% plant based!

Plant proteins are highly nutritious – not only as good sources of protein, but also for providing other nutrients such as fibre, vitamins and minerals. Generally, people’s intake of fibre tends to be too low, but by adding certain plant proteins into your diet, such our plant-protein-packed Green Cuisine range, you can easily boost your fibre intake. Happy healthy eating!

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Find even more ideas on how to enjoy Green Cuisine delicious meat-free goodness with these easy-to-make recipes

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At Birds Eye we do our best to make a difference every day through affordable, sustainable food which is available to all. And it doesn’t just taste good - it’s made good. Find out all you need to know about our Green Cuisine range.

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