Why we need protein

When we think about protein, we may tend to associate it with lean meats and protein powders. But it’s not just gym-goers and athletes who need protein in their life – it’s all of us! Here at Birds Eye, we’re dedicated to help you eat a balanced diet, and provide you with information on how and why you should include certain nutrients. 
In case you didn’t know, we’re a huge fan of protein, and we’re eager to show you the variety of foods that contain plenty of protein – which is sure to surprise you! And guess what? Our new Green Cuisine range is a great example of exactly this!   
Let’s face it, ‘protein’ is one of those words that is often flung around when talking about diets, but do you know all there is to know about the power of protein? 

How much protein do we need?

Did you know that the amount of protein you need changes during your lifetime? As it stands, the recommended protein intake varies a little, but generally speaking, adults should consume an average of 0.75g of protein per kilogram bodyweight per day, with a reference intake of 50g a day. It sounds like a lot, but us Brits actually consume more than this on average on a daily basis! 

It goes without saying that a high-protein diet is key for endurance athletes who can use surplus protein to provide that all-important energy alongside reaping the benefits of its muscle-building properties.

Elsewhere, children, the elderly and pregnant or breastfeeding women are recommended to consume slightly more protein to give an extra boost for growth, repair and maintenance. So now you know where you stand with protein, how can you make sure you’re eating the optimal balance of protein sources? 

Sources of protein

If you’re unsure of where to pinpoint protein asides from finding it within fish and meat, then carry on reading! 
Protein is almost all-encompassing as it can be found in plant and animal foods, with fish, beans and pulses, eggs and meat providing a great source of protein for your daily diet. Put simply, you don’t have to eat meat or fish to boost or maintain your intake of protein, as plant proteins can provide enough if eaten in the adequate amounts and variety. 

If you’re looking to incorporate more vegetarian protein sources into your diet, your best bet is to eat protein-rich foods such as vegetables, beans, lentils and chickpeas. Our favourite picks of plant-based protein have got to be our collection of peas, Italian 3 Bean Mix, Sugar Snap Peas and even Frozen Edamame Beans. All of which are frozen so that all the protein is packed to its best! And where possible, opt for lower-fat protein-rich foods, to minimise saturated fat intake. It’s also worth being conscious about when you’re consuming protein, as ideally it should be eaten as part of each meal. 

In summary, proteins are central to how we are built and how we function every day. We recommend that you try incorporating plant proteins into your daily diet, and ideally eat a source of protein in every meal. If you want to make a simple change to your diet to boost your plant protein intake, why not try our new Green Cuisine Meat-Free Burgers, Swedish Style Balls and Sausages, packed with pea protein goodness.

If you’ve not seen our delicious new range, you’ll be pleased to know that your palate will be seriously satisfied thanks to its meat-like texture and taste. So, if you’re a meat-lover, you better watch out as your inner accidental veggie is about to come out!