Life Hacks

 The kids are bored of the boardgames. They’ve coloured in everything bar the walls. And now your face is pressed up against a window, wondering what to do with the kids next. Know that you’re not the only one. Right now, kids are just bodies of energy looking for a release. Keeping them entertained at home is a full-time job. You need ideas. 

We hear you. So with enough on your plate already, we’re dishing up some easy-peasy, fun-filled family activities to beat the boredom. From
hunting the house for treasure to creating a killer tune from kitchen utensils, explore our imaginative ideas that will keep your kids ticking. Simple ideas
to keep them happy and busy. Before you know it, they’ll be asking
‘So, what’s for Dinner?’

Colouring-In Port

Download a black and white version of this beautiful picture by children's illustrator Gareth Lucas for aspiring artists to colour in.

Download PDF here

You can discover more of Gareth's art on his Instagram @garethlucasart

Play your own game of 'Where's the Captain?" as you colour in these 3 great murals provided courtesy of 

The Captain's Table Cookery Book

Discover delicious recipes you can make with the family.

Download the PDF cookbook here

Beat it 

Tap into your kids’ creative streak on a drum kit made of pots and pans.
They can crash, bang and wallop their time (and pent up energy) away.
It’s a great way to work up an appetite, too. Soon they’ll be asking what you’re drumming up for dinner.  

Treasure hunt 

Discover the explorer in your kids by feeding their imagination with a treasure hunt. Set them sneaky clues to solve and watch them travel through shark-infested rugs, climb over cushion mountains, enter wardrobe caves and fight off the duvet monsters that guard the treasure … and all before teatime.