Fish Finger Recipes with Birds Eye

Fish Fingers Recipes with Birds Eye

Fish fingers: the classic sandwich filling, the weeknight dinner staple, the quick fix. This is what we all think of when it comes to fish fingers, but what’s missing from this list? 100% fish fillet and a fantastic source of Omega 3 and protein. Introducing: fish finger recipes with Birds Eye.

If you’re dubious about frozen food, don’t worry – there’s nothing fishy about these. Our fish fingers are made with 100% fish fillet, meaning that no matter what type of fish they’re made from, they’re packed with nutrition. Fish is a great source of protein; it varies by species, but on average it provides approximately 19.5g of protein per 100g. Not to mention the Omega 3 found in our Omega 3 fish fingers: Omega 3 is found in fish species including pollock, salmon and haddock, and is an ‘essential’ fatty acid that we should all make sure we get enough of in our diets. We also add extra fish oil to our Omega 3 fish fingers, making them even more nutritious.

Now, don’t think we’re giving you a nondescript fish that you have no choice over: with Birds Eye Fish Fingers, the world’s your oyster. You can choose from cod, haddock and Omega 3-rich pollock as a 100% fillet filling, and when it comes to the coating, there’s our gluten-free crumb, crispy batter or our classic golden crispy breadcrumbs. We want to show you how fish fingers can be eaten at any time of day, in a variety of quick and easy to make meals, so we’ve rounded up some of our easy fish finger recipes. Fish fingers for breakfast, we hear you say? Just you wait and sea…



The Ultimate Fish Finger Sandwich

You can’t go wrong with a fish finger sandwich, and we guarantee our ultimate fish finger sandwich recipe is superior to any you’ve tried before. We’ve added avocado, poached eggs and fresh tomato to this British staple to give you a filling, flavoursome, tasty sandwich that you can throw together at any time of day.
Tip: we’ve suggested using ciabatta here, but if you want to give this dish a modern twist you could use sourdough instead. 

Fish Fingers & Spinach Scrambled Egg in a Toasted Sandwich 

The ultimate breakfast combination: part English breakfast, part fish finger sandwich. This is another epic brunch recipe that’s sure to impress any guests, being high in flavour as well as protein.


Posh Fish Finger Wraps 

We like to think of fish finger wraps as the fish finger sandwich’s older, slightly more sophisticated sibling. These wraps are simple to make, and make a tasty hand-held snack – they could be a simple, quick lunch or you could make a batch for a party as a tasty but filling canapé.
We suggest adding sour cream and salsa, but you can really make these your own; guacamole, tartare sauce, ketchup – whatever you like.

Fish Finger Tacos

This is our Mexican twist on the fish finger sandwich. Perfect for spicing up teatimes, or for serving at a fiesta as a quick but impressive looking dish. The crunch of the tacos and the succulent fish fillet combined with the fresh salsa and lettuce makes for a delicious and nutritious dish.

Dinner recipes

Crispy Fish Finger Pie

Birds Eye Fish Fingers, mash and peas is a classic family-friendly meal, but transforming it into an inviting looking pie is a great idea that makes cooking even easier. With the Omega 3 from our fish fingers, the nutrients from our garden peas and the filling warmth of mashed potatoes topped with melted cheese, this incredibly simple dish is a great one for the family on a busy night.

Fish Finger Baked Potatoes

This is a classic teatime staple with a modern revamp. Adding our fish fingers and garden peas, as well as a dash of lemon juice, a blob of tartare sauce and a few capers, makes for a filling, tasty and nutritious meal that’s as comforting as ever
We hope we’ve given you an introduction to how versatile, nutritious and tasty our fish fingers can be. There’s plenty of choice in type of fish, coating and quantity – did you know that our Omega 3 Fish Fingers come in packs as big as 28. That’s the beauty of frozen food – you can freeze however many you want, to use at your convenience, and they’ll be just as fresh and nutritious as they were when they were packaged. Quick, healthy, delicious: it’s Real Food, Simply Made.