Fish Recipes with Birds Eye

Fish Recipes with Birds Eye

Whether you’re on the go and need a quick bite to eat or are in search of that special sit-down meal lightbulb moment, there’s an ocean of choice with Birds Eye fish products! We have the Fish Inspirations range which will wow your taste buds with a variety of different fillets dusted and infused with various herbs and spices for a more contemporary option, or you can enjoy your favourite classics in Battered and Breaded Fish. Looking to add a bit of vibrancy to your plate? How about our Fish in Sauce range for a taste of the Mediterranean delivered directly to your table?

Of course, there is one thing that our enticing ranges have in common apart from being too delicious to resist – all products are made from 100% wild-caught fillets which are packed full of health benefits. No, we’re not talking codswallop. 

Salmon and mackerel are oily fish loaded with vitamin D which is usually created in your skin when the sun’s out (so let’s be honest, it’s crucial that we get plenty of that from other sources in the overcast UK…), as well as certain B vitamins, protein and selenium. Eating this type of fish also brings down the risk of cardiovascular disease and age-related sight deterioration so you should be including it aplenty in your diet.

How can you do this? Well, we’ve got you covered here as well with some simple, colourful recipes which range from starters and microwaveable meals to a fancier fish dinner. It’s time to unleash your inner captain…


Fish Starters

Warm Mackerel and Pea Salad
Tired of giving your family and friends the soupe du jour one too many times at a dinner party? This is a wonderful light, substitute starter that will leave your guests demanding more! It can also be a great easy lunch and that mackerel is brimming with omega-3 to keep you energised throughout the day.

Easy Fish Recipes

Lemon and Black Pepper Cod with Celeriac Mash and Green Beans

We all know that sometimes you come home and require a quick fix to keep everyone in your house happy during the week. This meal definitely fulfils that criteria. We’ve already given it a subtle twist for you as well with lemon and cracked black pepper added to give those cod fillets an extra kick. Serve them up with celeriac mash and Birds Eye green beans to have everyone desperately dashing down to the table for dinner!

Battered Haddock Fillets with a Fresh Green Salad in a Mustard Dressing

As much as we love our cod, we know that you sometimes want to switch things up in the kitchen, and luckily enough, we have an amazing alternative – haddock! Add a green salad featuring peppery rocket and colourful cherry tomatoes, before finishing with a zingy Dijon mustard dressing to give yourself a top notch dinner. Strapped for time? This will only take you a mere ten minutes to prepare

Microwave Fish

Step away from the oven – this one is quick, easy, warming, and best of all, you can get your fish fix straight from your microwave. That’s not to say that it’s not bursting with flavour with our Birds Eye flaky wild salmon beautifully complemented by a sumptuous sweet chilli sauce. Partnered with crispy lettuce and sandwiched in a low-carb pita – this mouth-watering meal can be a lunchtime staple or a light dinner.

Fish Dinner Recipes

Salmon, Pea and Prawn Pie with a Crispy Potato and Pancetta Topping

Over 40,000 of us search online for a fish pie recipe every month craving that hearty meal which warms you up like no other can. But the waiting is over – our salmon, pea and prawn pie topped with potato and pancetta is the king of fish pies. Be it a cold winter’s day when you’re clung to the radiator or you’re just looking for an excuse to lob all your favourites into the biggest pot you can find – this will be the making of your evening.

Thai Fish Burger 

If you’re hosting a BBQ and looking to offer something else up apart from a plethora of meaty burgers, this is an excellent alternative. Cook your fish burgers and finish with an array of veg and some tangy sweet chilli sauce before planting it between some Warburtons Thins. Disclaimer: this recipe is far from being exclusively for summertime.
Tip: For a more robust and thicker bread for your burger, you could use focaccia or ciabatta.


Battered Cod Fillets with Sweet Potato Wedges and Minty Crushed Peas 

We all love a classic fish and chips, but if you’re on the lookout for a more contemporary version – this is it. Battered cod will remain your old faithful friend here, but instead of chips, we’re vouching for some sweet potato wedges. These are crammed with vital nutrients including vitamin A and C, and not to mention they’re incredibly tasty. To finish, add some crushed peas. PS. Don’t feel like fish is only for Friday – be it a weekday or the weekend, this twist on an old classic will always be there for you.

There you have it, whether you’re looking for health benefits, time hacking or a bit of class from your fish recipe – we hope that we’ve given you some food for thought. And remember, Birds Eye products will give you the tools to create all of the above and more!