How to Make Homemade Chips with Birds Eye

The UK has imported some fantastic foods from continental Europe over time, but there is one favourite that has dominated our hearts more than most – the humble chip. Is there a more comforting accompaniment on your plate than a golden crispy husk filled with fluffy potato that’s lighter than a cloud? If you’re anything like Captain Birds Eye, then the answer to that question will most likely be a no when you’re considering what to have with your fish fingers or battered and breaded fish. What’s more, as part of a balanced diet, potatoes provide a solid source of potassium, fibre and vitamin C, and if you make the chips yourself – you’ll know exactly what has gone into them. 

But how do you make this national treasure of a dish? Don’t you need to be an adventurous soul like the Captain? Well, no. We’ve made it easy for you with three simple variations on how to make your very own chips! If you’re wondering what to partner them with on your plate, we have you covered there as well with some great Birds Eye products suggested to complement them to perfection. Put this around the table and no one in your family will have a chip on the shoulder – they’ll be too busy eating your homemade creations coupled with some Birds Eye tasty treats!


Homemade oven chips 

15 minutes preparation time/40 minutes cooking time

Serves: 4
Ingredients: 800g Maris Piper potatoes/Vegetable oil

This is a simple variation that will take a short time to prepare, before oven baking your chips for a mere 40 minutes. We’ve recommended vegetable oil here as not only is it affordable, but it is also relatively taste-free meaning that you’ll be able to feel the full flavour of that potato goodness with whatever seasoning takes your fancy. We’ve also opted for Maris Pipers, but any large floury potato will do the job beautifully.

1) Heat oven to 200C/Fan 180C/Gas 6.

2) Peel your potatoes (or leave the skin on for a more contemporary taste!) and cut them into your favourite chip shapes before rinsing them in water – whether they’re fat or skinny, it’s up to you! 

3) Spread the chips on a large non-stick baking tray, before drizzling with vegetable oil. Season with salt and pepper as well as a sprig of rosemary if you’re feeling daring.
The Perfect Birds Eye Partner

The Perfect Birds Eye Partner

Have no fear if you’re not a fish fan – the Captain won’t be offended. Instead, you can partner your chips with some succulent chicken for a combo that you won’t forget in a hurry. Whether you’re in a mood for a special sit-down meal with our Inspirations range or more of a laidback affair that all the family will adore – perhaps with our chargrilled or battered and breaded chicken – Birds Eye will give you a companion that can proudly sit alongside your comforting homemade chips.

Homemade double-fried chips

15 minutes preparation time/15 minutes cooking time 
Serves: 4
Ingredients: 800g Maris Piper potatoes/Sunflower oil
No, you really don’t need to go to your local fast food restaurant or chippy for your fix of fried chips – you can do it all at your own stove!  We’ve gone for light sunflower oil here for the extra crispy value it brings, and whether you want French fries or more of a thick cut affair – get your deep sturdy pan in hand and fry to your heart’s content!

1) Again, peel those potatoes (or leave the skin on) and cut them with thickness at your discretion, before washing them.

2) Fill your pan so it’s 8cm deep in sunflower oil, and heat to 130C, then lever your chips into a sieve and place them into the pan for around five to eight minutes until they’re cooked through yet uncoloured. 

3) Drain and leave them to cool (before freezing for at least 30 minutes as you want them as cold as possible to see the best results in the next stage of frying).

4) This time, heat the oil to 180C, and if you’re serving for four then fry your chips in two lots so the pan isn’t too overcrowded which would lower the oil temperature! 

5) Cook until they are perfectly golden (this should take around five to eight minutes but judge by the colour of your chips)!

6) Drain and season before serving your delicious chips.
The Perfect Birds Eye Partner
Let us take you to the seaside for a quintessential British favourite that is a marriage made in heaven – fish and chips. Whether you’re in the mood for cod or haddock, battered or breaded – Captain Birds Eye will oblige with a wide variety of options. Of course, we have our own way of cooking up this old classic which you can follow, but if you’re striving for more creativity after making those homemade chips, feel free to add some minty mushy peas using this recipe.
Homemade triple-cooked chips

15 minutes preparation time/45 minutes cooking time
Serves: 4
Ingredients: 800g Maris Piper potatoes/Sunflower oil
If you’re feeling like you want to take your spud frying to the next level, then how about the triple cooked chip. Created by the pioneering Heston Blumenthal, you’ll have a chip that has a little bit of something extra about it, and we’ve laid it out in simple steps as to how you can channel your own inner cooking wizard.

1) You’ll know it by now! Peel those potatoes, slice them up to your desired thickness and rinse them in water.

2) Add your chips to a large pan of water on medium heat, and allow the water to simmer for up to half an hour – you’ll want them to be nearly disintegrated.

3) Let them dry on a rack before freezing for at least half an hour.

4) Add sunflower oil to a deep pan (around 8cm deep), and heat to 130C. Fry handfuls of the chips until you can see a light crust – this should take around five minutes.

5) Once again, drain on a rack and freeze them for at least 30 minutes.

6) Crank the heat up to 180C, and fry those chips in two batches for around five to eight minutes.

7) Drain and serve after seasoning!

The Perfect Birds Eye Partner

These chips are a deluxe treat, and to match it, how about placing it next to a premium Birds Eye burger filled with cuts of beef only provided by trusted UK farmers? If you prefer a white meat then our chicken burgers made from 100% chicken breast will also leave you more than content at your dinner table. To complete that classy meal, how about sandwiching your choice of burger in a buttery, brioche bun.
With this guide, you should see that creating your own chips at home is far from a chore. Couple it with our range of delicious Birds Eye products and you’ve got an instant winner of a dinner. Spud you like? We certainly hope so…