Who is Captain Birds Eye?

Captain Birds Eye: Who is the figure behind the fish fingers?

High tide or low tide, he’ll be by your side – Captain Birds Eye is an iconic figure loved by the nation. Adorning all our food, his face acts as a stamp of quality. After all, our strapline has been “Only the best for the Captain’s table” for decades and we’ve stayed true to that message.

But how has our bearded maverick transformed since becoming our beloved mascot? And how has his tasty range of frozen fish expanded over the years? Find out below…

The everlasting face of Captain Birds Eye

Since the Captain was first created in 1967, he has always been a pioneer of sorts – there’s a reason why he is the longest serving brand personality since food advertising began.

After his first appearance, several competitors were launching their own parallel characters, but our Captain has stood the test of time whilst sailing the Seven Seas.

He has had a few different faces, but his mission has always been clear – delivering first-rate fish to your dinner table.  

We’ve taken a look through our archive of Captain TV ads to see how he has changed and have picked out a few of our favourites for you!


Who is the new Captain Birds Eye?

Since the beginning of 2018, it has been Italian actor Riccardo Acerbi who’s had the honour of donning the Captain’s hat.  A keen sailor and canoeist, the latest incarnation ticks all the boxes for his seafaring abilities. He is also fully behind Birds Eye Ireland's target to have all fish coming from sustainable fishing or responsible farming by the end of 2019!

Want to share a bite with the Captain? Well, you can – pull up a pew and dine with him!

The Captain’s catch of the day

The Captain always finds it tough to pick a catch of the day. After all, he certainly isn’t gill-ty of providing a limited choice; giving us a plethora of different fish platters over the years. Ever since the 60s, he has always loved a traditional fish and chips from our Battered and Breaded section (it’s not just for Fridays – feel free to tuck into this classic any day of the week)!

Whilst at sea over the years though, the Captain has had time aplenty to fish out a few more ideas of what to do with his catch after a hard day’s work – like our innovative Fish Inspirations – a tasty treat that wouldn’t look out of place at the fanciest of dinner parties…

On the hunt for something more avant-garde? Our favourite sailor is a great believer in the ultimate millennial meal of a fish finger sandwich – ideal for a hearty lunch. Don’t forget that our fish fingers are a tea time staple for all the family as well though!

The Captain is also well aware of the health plus points of fish – it’s not just the sea breeze that keeps him so fit! Discover the nutritional benefits of eating fish if you don’t believe us – his varied offering can help you to hit the recommended two portions you need every week.

Are you still in need of some fin-spiration when dinnertime comes though? Check out some of our favourite fish recipes using the Captain’s best produce.