How to Defrost Your Freezer



How to Defrost Your Freezer

There is nothing more satisfying than a defrosted, clean, organised and well-stocked freezer. Sadly, many freezers can easily become neglected, and before you know it, your shelves may be caked in ice, spills and crumbs. Here’s what you can do to get your freezer sparkly clean again with just a little bit of TLC. 


Easy steps to defrost and clean your freezer

Step 1

First, remove every item from your freezer. You may want to plan ahead and try to get through your freezer goodies in the week before you’re planning to clean or safely defrost your food ready to eat up. If not, transfer your frozen goods to your neighbour’s freezer if you can, or put them into a cooler filled with ice.

Switch off your appliance to save energy and avoid your room becoming as cool as a penguins’ playground.


Step 2

Take out any shelves and drawers and plop them into the sink, before scrubbing using hot soapy water to clean them. For stubborn stains and grime, a little white vinegar or anti-bacterial spray should do the trick. Make sure to rinse off any stickiness with plain water and air dry completely before putting them back inside the freezer.


Step 3

To start defrosting your freezer, you can put bowls of hot water inside it to help speed up the process, changing them out when the water becomes cool. Put down newspaper or a towel on the floor to soak up any water.

Carefully remove any dislodged ice using a warm washcloth and hot soapy water – don’t be tempted to use anything sharp to scrape at the ice as this may damage the cooling elements inside.

Step 4

To clean the inside of your freezer, lightly wipe with a damp cloth. You can also use antibacterial spray to banish bacteria, germs, and get rid of bad smells. Use a vacuum nozzle to suck up any loose crumbs, or simply use your hand to remove rogue items. Tackle small stubborn areas that are hard to reach with a clean toothbrush and a little bicarbonate of soda.

Rinse with plain water and pat dry with a cloth when you’re done.


Step 5

Don’t forget to pay attention to the freezer door and door seal! Use antibacterial spray and a cloth to remove and grime.

As a bonus step, while your freezer is empty and light it is a good opportunity to pull the unit out, wipe down the sides and clean the floor underneath.



Step 6

Put your shelves and drawers back into your sparkling clean freezer, and reload with your favourite frozen foods!

Tips to keep your freezer clean for longer

Now your freezer is beautifully clean, how do you keep it that way?

The trick is to keep organised. Seal any bags in your freezer with bag clips, and be wary of any boxes that might leak. Birds Eye Garden Peas come with a resealable zip that means you never have to worry about any peas on the loose. Stack your freezer heavy to light to avoid boxes breaking and bags splitting, as well as your food getting crushed!

Wipe your freezer every month, or more often if you notice any crumbs or bits of food that aren’t where they should be. It’s much easier to clean up spills if they aren’t frozen into the ice!


Try to prevent ice build-up by not opening your freezer too often or for too long. Check out our article on what temperature should a freezer be to find out more tips to organise and maintain your freezer, or our article on perfecting your freezer meal prep.