How To Help Reduce Food Waste: 4 Ways To Stop Wasting Food

We can all do our bit when it comes to food waste. Millions of tonnes of food are wasted every year in the UK – that’s a lot of grub. We’ve all thrown away that last piece of chicken or the last few spoonful’s of veg, but tossing away food doesn’t just throw away money, it’s also bad for the environment. When wasted food becomes rotten it produces methane gas, a contributing factor to climate change. While this may seem all doom and gloom, we can all do our part to help reduce food waste. Keep reading to find out our four top tips on how we can help reduce food waste at home:

1. Buy frozen food to help reduce food wastage

There’s a stigma that frozen food is back-up food, but we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! There are many benefits of frozen food, with one of the main ones being that it will certainly help limit your food waste. Portion control has never been easier, just use as much of the frozen food as you want and put the rest back in the freezer! You’re not only eating more sustainably, but you’re saving money too.

If you want to provide a healthy balanced diet for the whole family and waste less food, then frozen is the way forward. Frozen is a great alternative to fresh produce as freezing maintains the quality of the food, helping to retain the vitamins and minerals.

2. Be a smart shopper to help reduce food waste

Try making a point of using up all the food that you bought in your last shopping trip before going on another one. This is easier said than done, especially if you have fussy eaters in your family, but trust us, it will help you cut down on impulse buying as well as food waste.

If you are struggling to make family dinners without wasting food, be sure to check out our dinner meal plans guide for shopping lists and recipe ideas you can stick to.

3. Use leftovers wisely to help reduce food waste

We’ve all been there. You’ve cooked a huge meal for the family and there’s a little bit leftover, so you throw it away. Stop!! Make the most out of your leftovers and if your meal can be freezed then pop it in the freezer. It’ll save you from splurging on a takeaway or buying food unnecessarily, and more importantly, it will help reduce food waste.

Top tip: if you’re worried about forgetting your delicious grub that you tucked away in the freezer, label your food clearly with what it is and the date of freezing.  That way you can literally see it and you’re less likely to waste it.

When you’re ready to take your leftovers out of the freezer, be sure to read our guide on how to defrost food safely, so it doesn’t pose a health risk to you or your family.

4. Organise your freezer to help stop food wastage

A fully stocked and tidy freezer is always a lovely sight. However, this isn’t ideal when it comes to food waste as it’s super easy to forget what food you actually have. Keep your frozen food organised, so you can clearly see the food labels with best before dates and nutritional information.

First in, first out is a proven method that will help reduce your food waste. Keep your products with upcoming expiration dates at the front of your freezer so the food gets used, not forgotten. Just make sure you have all the ingredients to make you and your family healthy, balanced meals.

There are so many ways that you can help reduce your food waste. Our tips to help reduce food waste will not only help you save money, but help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. You can read more about the work we are doing here at Birds Eye to reduce our waste production on our website. For all things frozen food, make sure to look at our full range of frozen products to help reduce your food waste.