10 Easy Ways to Add Peas to Your Meals

Frozen peas are the unsung hero of our freezers – once confined to school night dinners and Sunday roasts, the humble pea can be used in a huge variety of dishes. Whether you want to add some greenery to your grilled halloumi, some substance to your salad or a touch of sweetness to your soup, we’ve rounded up 10 easy-peasy recipes to inspire your meal times. Dependable, efficient and multifunctional: meet your new go-to meals.

1 - Pea Spring Onion and Rocket Risotto

This veggie risotto is a warm, hearty and healthy meal to get you through the winter months.
The zest of the fresh lemon complements the sweet peas, while chopped fresh parsley brightens the flavour of the whole dish.

Sweet Birds Eye Peas

garden peas small

2 - Spanish Potatoes with Chorizo and Peas

‘Patatas bravas’ are a Spanish staple, and adding peas give them a British twist.
Serve our version of this warming recipe in terracotta tapas dishes as starters
or sides when cooking for friends and family.

3 - Pea and Watercress Soup

This is a classic, with good reason. The sweetness of the peas
mixed with the peppery watercress is a winning and versatile
combination, perfect either chilled in summer or heartily warm in winter.

4 - Grilled Halloumi with Peas, Pine Nuts, Broad Beans and Rocket

Peas make a simple, sweet addition to salads while also bulking them out.
This grilled halloumi salad is bursting with nutrients and flavour
as well as being filling, making it a satisfying lunch or dinner.

5 - Peas On Toast

Mushed peas don’t necessarily have to be mushy peas: this peas on toast recipe, made with toasted French baguette,
makes a fantastic bruschetta when serving nibbles or a starter. Topped with feta cheese and sensationally seasoned
with pesto, garlic and cayenne pepper, this is a delightfully simple yet impressive dish.

6 - Pesto Peas

The combination of pine nut kernels, fresh basil, parmesan cheese and garlic is delicious as it is, but the addition of peas lends this dish a sumptuous sweetness as well as a delicious green colour. You could try serving this as crostini at a party, topped with sliced mozzarella, tomato halves and fresh basil for a Caprese salad style twist.

7 - Pea and Chicken Jambalaya

Chicken jambalaya is a great dish to batch cook in preparation for the week. Filled with nutrients, spices, and sweetness from the peas, this is a filling and tasty dish to heat up for a work lunch or for a big family dinner. If you want to make this into more of a paella style dish, you could add king prawns and top with fresh parsley.

8 - Mild Pea and Sweet Potato Curry

This pea and sweet potato curry is a fantastic veggie option for buffets or curry nights – the warm spice of the ginger and the sweetness of the korma paste and peas make this a winning, warming and hearty dish.

9 - Crispy Prawns with Sweet Chilli & Pea Purée

These crispy prawns with a sweet chilli and pea puree give a tasty kick to the classic British pairing of fish and peas. Serve as nibbles either in ramekins or canapé spoons for a luxurious touch.

10 - Green Pea Hummus Dip

Peas add a gorgeous green twist to this hummus recipe, making it a colourful addition to any lunch or dinner buffet. Perfect served with tortilla chips or crudités such as carrot sticks, cucumber and radishes if you fancy a fresher touch.

How Peas are Good for Us

Balanced meals really are essential for good health. Birds Eye recipes aim to help you incorporate key food types in to your diet, including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Peas are healthy, versatile and great tasting : they are bursting with nutrients that provide a range of health benefits. Our garden peas contain just 68 calories per 100g and are saturated fat free. They contain nutrients include vitamin C, folate and vitamin B1. While being low in sugars, peas are also high in fibre. We should all be aiming to eat more fibre in our diets, and adding peas can just make your dinner that extra bit tastier for everyone.

Ap-pea-se your guests with Birds Eye Frozen peas