Fish Pie Recipes

Few combinations of words evoke such feelings of comfort and warmth as when someone says ‘fish pie’. Nothing quite beats a serving of fish cooked in a creamy sauce, topped with crispy potato served piping hot from the oven. It’s enough to warm the bones of any trawler after a long day of hauling their catch aboard, but fish pie is also a great nutritious family meal or winter warmer.

In fishing towns up and down the land, people will argue ‘til the ships come in about who has the best fish pie recipe. Whether you’re a sucker for salmon, crazy for cod, passionate about prawns or have a hankering for haddock, mixing your favourite fish with our creamy white sauce recipe and topping it with mashed potato is always a winner. Read on to find some more of our favourite fish pie recipes below.

Easy fish pie recipes


Crispy fish finger pie

Using our garden peas and fish fingers, take old family favourites to create a fish pie that’s quick enough to make for your midweek supper. Birds Eye fish fingers are endlessly versatile, what will you make with them next?


Breaded cod fish pie

For a dish with a little twist on fish pie sauce, take your breaded fish to the Mediterranean with this recipe. Sundried tomato paste, rosemary and balsamic vinegar come together in the tomato sauce to bring real flavour to your plate.


Try something a little fancier


Salmon fish pie  

A creamy fish pie is a great way to bring together all of your favourite ingredients. For those looking to really push the boat out to impress your guests, why not go surf ‘n’ turf and top the potato with crispy pancetta!


Fish and leek pie with cheese

Here is a recipe that finds another use for the humble Birds Eye fish finger. Made with carrots, courgettes and leeks, this fish pie is packed full of goodness and is a great comfort to warm you up on colder evenings.


With these recipes under your belt, you will have a fish pie for every occasion. For those of you looking for something else to do with the Captain’s finest produce, take a look at our other Birds Eye fish recipes.