Fakeaway Recipes with Birds Eye

The great British takeaway is a national tradition.  Whether you pig out on pizza or prefer to chow down a chow mein, every family has their chosen classics for a treat or when you crave something sinfully satisfying.  

While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat, the price of a takeaway can quickly get out of hand once everyone starts adding their favourite trimmings – and we know, deep down, that most takeaways aren’t exactly the healthiest of meals.  

Here at Birds Eye we’ve got the perfect solution: welcome to the great British fakeaway.  

It’s eating in inspired by takeout, made by your own fair hands where you know exactly what’s gone into it. Bring the best of British takeaways to your table, at homemade prices, with recipes so simple that they can be whipped up in a jiffy for a midweek dinner. 

Our home takeaway ideas are well-balanced meals made without adding extra salt, sugar or preservatives, and with most made in under 30 minutes they’re even quicker than your average takeaway! Plus, you don’t need to collect, and there’s far less chance of someone mucking up your order (we’re not saying no chance, mind…).

Fake it to make it with Birds Eye, and you’ll never be hungry (for takeaway) again. 

Make Your Own Mexican

Mexican Chicken with Kidney Bean Rice
Bring the sizzle of classic Mexican dishes to your table with our nacho crumb chicken.  This simple recipe with sweetcorn and kidney-bean rice is crunchy and satisfying without being too spicy – although hot salsa would be a perfect partner!

Mexican Bean Nachos
Make your own loaded nachos with a Birds Eye bean mix, onions, tomatoes and a healthy dose of cheese.  These are sure to be a hit at any party (for little kids or big ones), and go brilliantly with pizza as well as other Mexican food. 

Fish Tacos
A super-speedy take on crispy taco dishes made with our famous battered fish or fish fingers, this is a great option for any fussy eaters in the family.  Get everyone assembling their own for extra tea-time fun, with as much salad and sauce as they like.


Cheat a curry

Chicken Madras with Fragrant Vegetable Rice
Our easy version of a mild madras makes an excellent healthy fakeaway, especially when it comes with our veg-stuffed pilau rice.  This one will keep well in the fridge too so any leftovers will still be takeaway-tasty!

Chickpea & Spinach Curry
At less than 60p a portion this nutritious vegetarian curry is a cheap and healthy alternative to takeaways, and can even be a vegan option if you leave out the yoghurt (check your curry paste to make sure).  Serve with fluffy white or brown rice and it’s a perfectly balanced fakeaway.

Chicken Katsu Curry 
You can’t beat a katsu curry for a homemade takeaway – have a go at your own katsu sauce in just 20 minutes, pair with our tempura-battered chicken and serve alongside vibrant veg for a tasty treat. 

Chinese-Inspired Fakeaways

Chicken & Pea Stir-Fry
Ready in under 30 minutes, this Chinese takeaway recipe is an ideal midweek dinner – and with cornflower to thicken up the sauce, it’s just like the real deal.  Add crunchy, colourful vegetables and you’re good to go.

Soy, Ginger & Garlic Chargrills with Noodles
Our soy-seasoned chicken chargrills are just the thing for Chinese or Japanese-inspired dishes.  Give this simple fakeaway recipe your own twist with different vegetables, some classic Chinese side nibbles or extra soy sauce.
Sweet & Sour Chicken with Noodles
Use our crispy chicken pieces or our dippers to whip up this takeaway favourite – make it exactly how you like it with honey or lemon juice to tip the scales more towards sweet or sour.  

Fakeaway Fish & Chips

Classic Fish & Chips
What takeaway could be more famous than fish & chips, served of course with a side of Birds Eye peas (whether they’re mushed up or not is up to you…)?  Bring the seaside flavours home for a weekend treat – if you’re feeling up to it you could even make your own chips, grilled or baked in the oven rather than fried.

Making Homemade Chips with Birds Eye
There are as many ways to make a chip as there are different types – we’ve selected the best, for you to try them out.  Simply slice potatoes, toss them in oil and grill for the simplest version, but for something special try your own double-cooked or even triple-cooked chips.  You’ll never need the chip shop again!


Big Burgers & Wraps

Gourmet Guacamole Burger
The ultimate burger for the ultimate night in, especially when paired with homemade triple-cooked chips.  We highly recommend piling them high with trimmings, made up with our beef burgers, chicken quarter pounders, flaky fish or veggie burgers – no matter what the requirements, this burger will have happy tummies all round.

Peri Peri Chicken Wraps 
Enjoy tangy peri peri at home with our chicken chargrill wraps, stuffed with the family favourite vegetables and sauces (a bit of cheese tastes pretty good too).  Add fresh chillies for extra spice, or tone it down with plain yoghurt. 

Discover more meal ideas at the Birds Eye recipe hub and create your weekly menu. 

Or if you feel like a laidback affair with the family, then why don’t you tuck into one of our Chicken Shop products for a real takeaway taste that takes your taste buds straight to the States?