Kids' lunch ideas for the home

Here at Birds Eye, we know how vital lunch is for your little ones. When they’re at school, it can be a simple matter of slotting some sandwiches into a lunchbox, but what to do when those bundles of energy are home at the weekend or during the holidays? After all, it’s sometimes tough to think up new healthy meal ideas for your children, especially if they are a little fussy when it comes to food.

So we’ve donned our best thinking caps and come up with a selection of tasty lunch recipes for your kids, as well as how you can involve them with some prep! There’s no need to fret looking for new options in the sandwich filler aisle – read our guide to keep your kids happy with a variety of veritably delicious and nutritious lunches.

Easy lunch recipes for kids


Kids’ pea tagliatelle

If you’re on the hunt for a light dish that will still fill your children’s tummies right up until dinnertime, this authentic Italian dish will tick that box and more. We’re particularly proud of our peas, and they are the making of a lunch that your kids won’t forget in a hurry. How about making this recipe in bulk so that you have several portions ready and waiting during the holidays?

The ultimate fish finger sandwich recipe

We are sure that the sandwiches you lovingly put together for your children’s lunchboxes are a thing of beauty, but this is the ultimate and it shouldn’t be hidden away in a lunchbox. A combination of our golden fish fingers, poached eggs, yoghurt and veg inbetween two thick slices of ciabatta bread will have your kids counting down the seconds until lunchtime at home!

Fish tacos

Once you announce that you’ve plated this one up, your children will no doubt be doing their best impression of Speedy Gonzales as they race to the table! If you’re feeling adventurous, how about a Day of the Dead party to give your kids a real flavour of Mexican culture in their own kitchen?!

How to get the kids involved


Easy to make pea veggie burger recipe

Look no further if you’re seeking for an alternative to a beef burger that you can put together with the kids. Have your children on mashing duty to create this delicious veggie lunch.

Hot and spicy chicken grill fajita

Our Peri Peri Chicken Chargrills combined with some of our favourite veg in a tortilla wrap will give you a real sizzler of a lunch, but don’t let that stop you freestyling – this is a mere culinary blueprint. Let the kids get creative in the kitchen and chuck in a colourful selection of veg for them to put their own touch on their meal.

Pea and tuna fishcakes

Ah, the humble fishcake – nutritious oily fish encased within a crispy golden coating that leaves you wanting more as soon as you’ve finished your last mouthful. Kids can be chief mixers for this one, and if you have some extra time on your hands, why not try accompanying this tasty lunch with your very own tartar sauce and homemade chips?

So when the clock strikes 12 noon, keep calm and reach for our handy guide of how you can keep your kids content at the weekend or in the holidays with a tasty lunch. And if you’re looking for further inspiration in what to cook up when your children’s friends come round for a special lunch, check out our ideas for kids’ party food!