BBQ-Friendly Chicken Recipes

Perfect for hot sunny days and warm summer nights, our range of BBQ-friendly chicken recipes are easy to make, and even more enjoyable to eat!

Whether you’re cooking for the family or are hosting an outdoor event, we have a variety of chicken dishes that we’re sure everyone will enjoy. From grilled chicken tacos to BBQ chicken with corn, our BBQ-friendly chicken dishes are a must-have on the menu.

Read on for more recipes and BBQ chicken meal ideas.  

BBQ Chicken Recipe #1 - Chargrilled Chicken Caesar

Put a spin on this classic Caesar salad by using our delicious and tender Birds Eye Chicken Chargrills. The recipe is simple and quick to cook, leaving you more time to entertain at your BBQ with family and friends.

This refreshing Caesar salad is mixed with tender chicken pieces, topped with crunchy croutons and finished with shavings of parmesan.

To create the dish, follow our simple steps and you’ll have a tasty salad on the table in minutes.

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BBQ Chicken Recipe #2 - Grilled BBQ Chicken

A great alternative to a beef burger, this grilled BBQ chicken recipe is one of the best ways to enjoy all the flavours of our Birds Eye Sweet and Sticky BBQ Chicken Chargrills.

Best served in a soft, fluffy roll with a refreshing salad inside, this grilled BBQ chicken recipe is a dish that everyone is sure to love. The crunchy, cooling salad combined with the tender, sticky chicken is the perfect addition to your BBQ – whether you’re hosting a party with friends or looking for a mid-week BBQ recipe that all the family will enjoy. 

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BBQ Chicken Recipe #3 - Grilled Chicken Tacos

Mix up your summer BBQ and serve these Mexican-inspired grilled chicken tacos, the recipe is easy to follow and we’re sure these will be a family favourite all summer long!

The crunchy taco shells filled with Birds Eye tender Chicken Chargrills are the perfect combination, especially when they’re topped with cooling guacamole and refreshing salsa!

Learn how to cook these grilled chicken tacos for a delicious BBQ party feast - great for sharing with friends and family.

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