Good for you and delicious
Pea salads.

Delicious salads that are perfect for you and your family.

When you think about healthy eating, salad is the first food that comes to mind. It’s the perfect combo of nutrients and flavour, plus it’s always a convenient meal, as salads are easy to whip up quickly and easy to transport. Furthermore, they are a healthy option that can be packed with proteins if you pick the right ingredients. Take a look at these original salads with peas and you won’t run out of options ever again!

Protein potato salad.

What makes a German potato salad so delicious is that salty and sweet flavours are brought together! If you want to enjoy all its flavour but without the guilt, just follow this recipe. Our Pea, Soya Bean and Potato Salad is a plant-protein-packed meal that’s delicious and tangy. Instead of using mayonnaise, give our dressing a chance, it’s made of olive oil, Gherkin juice and English mustard. To save time, we recommend you let the dressing marinate while you’re preparing the salad. It’s so quick and tasty that it will surely become your favourite salad for those days when you have to take lunch to work.

The perfect green salad.

We always used to be told that we must eat all our greens, and today we keep saying the same to our kids! Instead of forcing ourselves to eat a complete green salad, isn’t it better to give it an inventive twist? To make boring greens a thing of the past, we recommend you try this Pea, Tuna and White Bean Salad with Lemon Dressing. What makes this salad the perfect greens-based salad is that it combines the lean protein of tuna and beans with the veggie goodness of the greens. We love the refreshing fruitiness of lemon for the dressing, but what about a classic balsamic dressing with fresh basil leaves? Or a honey and Dijon mustard vinaigrette? Just change the dressing, and eating your green salad can be a whole new taste experience!

The salad for your Cajun dinner.

Tired of the traditional Cajun chicken salad? Our Cajun Pea and Potato Salad with Spring Onion Dressing is a twist on the classic that keeps all the flavourful taste of the Cajun dressing. If you feel like preparing a complete Creole menu, this Cajun pea salad is a great starter to kick off your Cajun dinner.

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