Summer appetizers peas dips

Be the star of your next party with these summer dip ideas!

Summer is the perfect time to be surrounded by your loved ones. We have more free time to spend with them, and the warm weather often leads to family gatherings and barbecues with friends. Is there any better way to show how much you care about them your friends and family than preparing a tasty summery meal?

Because we all love dipping, we have prepared these dip ideas to help you be the star of your next party.

Kid-friendly green hummus recipe.

Getting children to stay at the table until the end of a meal can be very hard if you haven’t prepared a kid-friendly menu. There are two things kids love: colour and sweetness, and this Green Pea Hummus Dip has both of them!! Serve it with toasted bread slices, vegetable crudites or your favourite pitta bread, they combine perfectly with all of them. And don’t worry, with this innovative dip your kids will be begging to know what the main course is.

The ultimate vegetarian dip.

Convincing your vegetarian friends to come over to your next barbecue can seem a big chal-lenge unless you show them you support their lifestyle! Our Roasted Pea And Aubergine Dip With Toasted Pitta Bread is a delicious Greek-inspired dip which is full of flavour. If you want to make it extra special, just get inspired by the main scents of the Greek cuisine. What do you think about adding some chopped feta cheese and topping the dip with Kalamata olives? You can be sure that all your guests, vegetarian or not, will love this meat-free dip.