The Best Sauce Recipes for Fish from Birds Eye

Here at Birds Eye, we know there are times when fish deserves special treatment. We like to think we’ve done that for you in plenty of cases, like creating the perfect batter to complement our battered cod fillets or developing deliciously seasoned pieces of fish – but sometimes you’ll want to add your own personal touch.

Most of the sauces found on fancy fine-dining menus can be re-created at home, meaning you can serve them with your own meals and Birds Eye’s fish range. The sauces might need a little more time than the rest of your dish, but the results are definitely worth it. If you’re looking for something classy to really wow dinner guests, or creating a stand-out meal for a special occasion, your own parsley sauce to go with fish would surely do the trick.

If you don’t want to spend too long on a sauce (after all, the fish is the main event), we’ve also got recipes for some simple seafood dips that take mere moments to whip up. It’s as easy as putting the ingredients together in a bowl, but this definitely still counts as home-made!

Classic Sauces

White (Béchamel) Sauce

This classic with its light flavours is a staple of French cooking, and a great sauce for fish. Milk, butter, onion and spices are cooked together, with a bit of flair – once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be able to tackle any sauce in the culinary cookbooks.

Parsley Sauce

A traditional parsley sauce is very similar to white sauce, but with different flavourings (parsley and lemon juice replace some of the spices). Drizzle this over cod fillets, haddock or even vegetables to add a gourmet touch.

Dill Sauce

Dill is a soft, leafy herb with a light but unique flavour; you’ll definitely taste it in this sauce. It’s often paired with salmon – in a sauce or simply sprinkled on top – but works well with pretty much any fish.

dill sauce

Delicious Dips

Tartar Sauce

Make a homemade sauce in 5 minutes with our super-easy recipe for the famous tartar sauce – a mayonnaise base with a few key ingredients added in. If you never make any other sauce for fish, make this one.

Remoulade Sauce

A bit like a spiced-up version of tartar sauce, and without the gherkins (we know they’re not everyone’s favourite). This one is especially good with salmon, prawns, and of course our flaky fish fingers.

tartar sauce

If you are dedicating time to preparing a fancy dinner or just looking to jazz up a midweek meal, making your own sauces and dips are thoroughly rewarding – whether you spend 5 minutes or a full hour! Give it a try with Birds Eye.