What to serve with Birds Eye fish cakes

Want a dish that the whole family can enjoy? Fish cakes are a great way to bring flaky cod into the family menu with minimal fuss – and with the right side dishes, they form a balanced meal with the nutrients growing kids need.  
Our cod fish cakes are a great alternative to red meat, containing plenty of protein, and low in saturated fat.  They take just 15-20 minutes to cook in the grill or oven - quick but tasty.  Or try our recipe for juicy tuna fish cakes - chop them up into small chunks pair with a salad, or with chunky homemade chips and tartar sauce.
Whether it’s on a Monday evening or as an alternative to the Sunday roast, you can create healthy fish cake dishes for every day of the week; try them with our minted peas for a twist on the chip shop classic, or with pea hummus for something a little different. It’s fish cakes and then some! 


Treat yourself to homemade chips

Why not enjoy fish cakes with a fresh batch of homemade chips for a Friday treat – made by your own fair hands! Prep chunky wedges in a snap, or go gourmet with proper pub-style triple-cooked chips. 
Get ahead by cooking both fish cakes and homemade chips at the weekend ready for lunch on Monday, saving you time and money. 

Try peas with a twist

Give our homemade mushy peas a go to complete the twist on a British takeaway classic (probably slightly healthier than your average fish and chip shop too).  If you’re up for trying something a little more unusual, check out our pea hummus recipe – especially good on a hot summer’s evening.  
Or simply spice up our sweet garden peas with sprigs of fresh mint; all work beautifully with seafood of any sort (we know, we’ve tried them all.  And then tried them again, just to be sure.). 

 Add nourishment with Steamfresh Veg

For dishes just bursting with nutrients, try fish cakes with Birds Eye Steamfresh Veg, which come in lots of different mixes for plenty of dinner options. Our helpful steam bags lock in nutrients so they don’t lose their vegetable goodness. 
A warm, hearty meal to finish a lengthy day – what more could you want? Or for something light and fresh, try our cod fish cakes with Steamfresh Veg and drizzled in a delicious sauce. 

Sauce it up

A mouth-watering sauce is surely the icing on any fish cake, and when served on the side everyone can have as much, or as little, as they like. Make your own tartar sauce, the perfect fish partner, or try traditional parsley or white sauces for five-star flavour.