Veggie Low Carb Lunch recipes

Whether you’re looking to cut back on some calories or have to restrict your carb intake due to health reasons, finding low carb meal ideas (that are not salads) can be somewhat daunting. And if you also want to make that meal meat-free, no one can blame you if you’re a bit stumped for ideas.

No longer unique to the environmentally conscious, more and more people are actively eating meat-free meals, whether that’s once a day, week or month. We need only look to initiatives such as Meat Free Mondays to see how accessible and effortless it can be to eat less meat, without going cold turkey.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a few low carb, vegetarian recipe ideas that you can make for lunch or dinner. These meals are filling, full of flavour and they’re great for both a packed lunch as well as a family dinner.

Vegetable korma curry

A mild and creamy vegetable korma curry that's as hearty as it is full of flavour. The sweetness of the coconut milk and curry paste mixed with a hefty portion of Birds Eye Field Fresh Country Mix make this dish fantastic veggie comfort food. For a low carb alternative, why not swap for cauliflower rice!


Soya stir fry

This nutrient-dense veggie stir fry is sure to pack a flavoursome punch as well as fill you up. This quick and easy dish uses 7 different vegetables, including a base of Birds Eye Soya Beans – these deliciously tender little beans double up as a great high protein alternative to meat. Trust us, you won’t even miss the noodles!


Grilled halloumi with peas, pine nuts, broad beans and rocket

This very green meal works well as a salad or just as a meal on its own. The salty, savoury taste of the halloumi is a perfect companion for the sweetness of peas and broad beans as well as the peppery flavour of the rocket.
Here’s a useful tip: the best way to cook your frozen peas is by steaming them. That way they preserve even more of their nutrients!

Four bean salad

Going meat free now and that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing protein – this four bean salad is packed with fibre and plant-based protein, meaning it’ll fill you up as well as being healthy. Plus, with red onion, chilli and coriander, this salad is dressed to kill with flavour. Try crumbling feta over the top to add a slightly creamy texture.


Vegetable tagine with peas and squash, carrots and apricots

This warming and fragrant Moroccan-inspired dish is bursting with flavour and protein, making it a perfect winter warming dish. The chilli, ginger, cinnamon, parsley, coriander and saffron in this recipe make it beautifully seasoned and spiced, whilst the apricots add an exotic touch.

This dish is usually served with couscous, but all the veggies make it filling enough that you won’t even miss the carbs.


So, there you have it – 5 veggie low carb lunches and dinners proving that compromising on your meat consumption doesn’t have to mean missing out on flavour, nutrition or ease.

At Birds Eye, all of our vegetables are frozen within a few hours of being picked, making them packed with goodness. With us, you can get your five-a-day the tasty way, with our wide range of frozen vegetables and healthy vegetarian meals, which are all easy to make and bursting with flavour.