Festive dinner parties and leftover buffets, meat lovers and vegetarians, kids and adults, the health-conscious and those who love to indulge – you really have to cover it all at Christmas. Birds Eye understand this – and we want to help. Our range of frozen food can make your Christmas cooking and entertaining easier, quicker and nutritious – plus, our Garden Peas are frozen within a few hours of being picked, meaning the nutrients are locked in. This is the definition of the Birds Eye mantra, being Real Food, Simply Made. Read on to discover 7 festive Birds Eye recipes for the upcoming festive season.

7 Festive Feast Recipes

Minted Green Peas Recipe
The rich flavour of mint is fantastically festive, and teamed with our sweet Garden Peas they make a wonderfully versatile dish for the party season. You can serve these either as a refreshing side dish to a hearty winter meal, or you could serve them on top of bruschetta as a buffet dish. If you fancy making it even tastier, you could add the juice of a lemon or a swig of red or white wine vinegar.

Peas in Blankets
Pigs in blankets are a crowd pleaser of a dish when it comes to Christmas, so why not add a quirky twist and try something a bit lighter with our Peas in Blankets recipe idea? Our pea filling, made with onion, cherry tomatoes, fresh mint and breadcrumbs, is undeniably festive and adds a refreshing touch to a hearty winter dinner – or as a fun canapé at a Christmas gathering.

Braised Beef with Pea and Horseradish Dumplings
Turkey may be the first meat you think of when it comes to Christmas meals, but in the lead up to Christmas you really can’t go wrong with a braised beef dinner. Our Garden Pea and horseradish dumplings have a gorgeous peppery, creamy flavour to them, which will go deliciously with our sensational seasoning recipe, combining garlic, thyme, bay leaf, Worcestershire sauce, tomato puree and brown sugar to give you a delicious beef dish with a tang to it.

Pea and Blue Cheese Filo Tarts
What is Christmas without cheese? This time of year is cheese galore for dairy lovers, and some of us tend to over indulge on the cheese buying – so why not use your excess blue cheese to make some delicious tarts? Perfect either as a late snack after a lazy day on the sofa or as a starter at a festive dinner party, these indulgent treats can be served hot or cold. The pepperiness of the chives, the sweetness of Birds Eye Garden Peas and the creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture of the blue cheese together make this dish an all-round winner.

Peas and Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnut and Orange Glaze
Brussels Sprouts get a harsh reputation – they’re not all boiled and boring. Our juicy take on the traditional Christmas accompaniment combines orange juice and zest, hazelnuts and sugar for a delightfully festive veggie treat that’s still nutritious. For something extra special, you could even top them off with toasted pine nuts – or if you fancy some meat, throw in some pancetta. Whatever your take on it, even the kids will love this indulgently sweet recipe!

Pea and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Again, few houses are short of cheese around Christmas time. These Pea and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms are the perfect starter for a festive dinner party, or even as a vegetarian option at a Boxing Day buffet spread. Extremely easy to make and always a crowd pleaser, the richness of the garlic and herb cream cheese with the fresh basil, pine nuts and juicy Garden Peas makes a deliciously flavoursome and creamy blend.

Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb with Pea, Mint and Shallot Sauce
Lamb is a failsafe dish for any time of year, but the combination of herby lamb and mint sauce seems particularly apt around Christmas time. Our Garden Peas make the mint sauce not only more nutritious but add a thickness and sweetness to it that your kids, friends and guests will love.

So, there you have it – 7 festive feast recipes for the family. Our humble peas are small but mighty, and are rich in history as well as sweetness. Our Birds Eye pea growers have experience that spans generations, and we grow varieties that no one else does. That’s what make our peas so sweet. So whatever meal you’re looking to make, make one of your family favourites extra special, and pick our peas for a dish everyone will love.