Winter Warmer Recipes & Meal Ideas from Birds Eye


Winter can chill you to the bone. So what’s more perfect than a warm meal with Birds Eye to heat you up?  We believe that winter should be filled with hearty dishes that can be relished with all your loved ones. 

After all, it’s a time of the year where gatherings and celebrations are happening left, right and centre, and Birds Eye are ready to help you please your guests with a wide range of mouth-watering meals.

So don’t huddle in front of the radiator until spring comes round – cook up some of these quick, easy recipes and Birds Eye ready meals to heat you up in this cold season.

Winter soup recipes


Simple green pea soup recipe

We’ll start with a soup-er simple one which is ideal for a weekend lunch when your windows begin to frost up. One small onion and a dollop of cream is all you’ll need alongside our Birds Eye peas to stave off your winter blues.

Pea and roasted garlic soup

This a cross-channel delight of a soup to warm the soul. Add roasted garlic and crème fraîche typical of French cuisine to a quintessentially British pea soup to create a hearty starter or snack.

Curried English pea soup with paneer stuffed naan

If you need a spicy kick on a cold winter’s day, this is the one for you. Feel free to dip your paneer naan in your bowl for a meal that has a distinct taste of Mumbai.

If that doesn’t hit the spot though, you can check out our wider selection of soup recipes.

Winter dinner ideas


Salmon, pea and prawn pie with a crispy potato and pancetta topping

Look no further for the ultimate fish pie – this one is a bit of a whopper. Underneath a crispy topping of potato and pancetta lies a glorious, creamy mix of salmon, peas and prawns.

Pea, bacon and mustard macaroni cheese

Who can deny the merits of a homely mac ’n’ cheese when your thermometer plummets. We’ve suggested English mustard but if this is too hot for you, then feel free to use something lighter.

Herb crusted olde England beef with pea, potato and horseradish mash

Nothing says typical British food like a Sunday roast. Roast spuds aren’t for everyone though, so how about a mash including Birds Eye peas that your family will rave about right up until you cook it up for them again.

 Pea Bacon and Mustard Macaroni Cheese

Ready-prepared winter dishes from Birds Eye



Cottage pie

This classic is one that can be microwaved or oven baked after a busy day – after all, Christmas shopping can get the better of all of us! Couple it with a glass of red wine to complete this easy dinner to perfection.

cottage pie