What to eat with chicken

We make no secret of the fact that we’re particularly proud of our frozen chicken. But what to serve with it? You’ll pick up a brilliantly tasty Birds Eye product – whether it’s our new takeaway-style Chicken Shop or a spicy piece of Chargrilled Chicken – before being stuck as what to place alongside it.

Do not fear though, we’re here with some easy-to-make sides that will beautifully complement the main component on your plate to create a meal that will have the whole family sprinting to the dinner table.

Set yourself up with a starchy side

Consider your chicken as the first building block on the way to constructing a delicious meal. What’s the second? A good solid starchy side. The “all carbs are bad for you” train is not one you should jump on – after all, starchy foods should come to just over a third of what we eat every day.1

But what starches should you be looking to get your hands on to accompany your chicken? Well, if you’re feeling creative then you can check out our recipe on how to make homemade chips! All you need is an oven or a stove, and you’ll soon be saying hello to a glorious, golden treat of a side.

Prefer your potatoes to be soft rather than crispy? How about creating a king size bed of Pea and Potato Mash upon which your chicken can proudly sit. Feel free to add a few rashers of bacon to produce your very own alternative hunter’s chicken.

If you would prefer not to be peeling potatoes, you can prepare a platter of rice for the family. If you think that sounds slightly dull then think again. Our Peri Peri Chicken with Tomato Rice is a real treat that should not be turned away.

1 https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/the-eatwell-guide/

Add a splash of colour with some veg

Of course, it’s always important to add some veg to complete your chicken meal. Not only are there heaps of nutritional benefits to eating veg, but adding some colour to your plate will have all the family’s taste buds tingling with delight.

Our guides on how to cook green beans and broccoli are a great start if you’re finding it challenging to come up with ideas of what veg to prepare. If you think that sounds a bit same-y, then add a little twist to your greens. A sprinkling of chilli flakes on some roasted broccoli will give you a sizzling accompaniment to your chicken supper.

Then there’s one of our main favourites – the humble pea.  Delicious by themselves, peas are also an incredibly versatile vegetable – whether you want a serving of mushy peas (they’re not just for fish – believe us) or a Pea and Crunchy Courgette Farfalle – they can feature in a variety of side dishes to have alongside a succulent piece of chicken.

To bring some vibrancy to your plate, you could also prepare a bowl of coleslaw – get the kids on stirring duty and create this classic side together as a family! We’re also sure that a helping of BBQ beans would go down a treat with the family due to their unique smoky flavour.

What dips and sauces to have with your Chicken Shop

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like a takeaway or home-style fakeaway. Our Chicken Shop certainly ticks that box – perfect for when you want to kick back and watch a chick flick with the family (other genres of films are available).

But whether you want some Buttermilk Chicken Strips or Maple & BBQ Chicken Wings – you’ll need a delectable dip to act as the cherry on top.  

Ketchup and mayo are obvious starters, and they’re classics for a reason! If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous though, BBQ sauce would be an ideal dip for your Southern Fried Chicken Wings, while an aioli sauce will complement the Hot & Fiery Chicken Thighs to perfection.

If you feel like more of a sit-down meal with your Chicken Shop product of choice, adding chips before crowning your meal with a good helping of gravy could be a real winner winner.  Sprinkle with cheese shavings and you’ve even got yourself a chicken poutine!


You now have a plethora of options to create a complete chicken meal. But did you know that it can be as nutritious as it is delicious? Check out our article on the health benefits of chicken.