Fish For Good

Fish is good for our health*, and so for the good health of our oceans.

Here at Birds Eye, we fish responsibly while helping to preserve marine resources
and natural habitats so that future generations can enjoy fish too.

So, when you choose our fish, you choose fish that’s good all round.

We always source responsibly

We are proud of being transparent about where and how we source our fish, protecting future supplies by working with those who share our sense of responsibility for marine resources, habitats, and ecosystems.


We know that ocean health is fragile so we are doing our bit to help prevent and recycle ocean-bound waste, as well as making sure our processes and products minimise their impact on the planet.

We champion eating for the planet

We actively help people adopt a more planet-friendly way of eating by making responsibly caught and reared fish both tasty and accessible for everyone.

*fish is a good protein source, which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and normal bones