We actively help people adopt a more planet-friendly way of eating by making responsibly caught and reared fish both tasty and accessible for everyone.


From essential Omega-3 and protein, to important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B 2, vitamin D, selenium and iodine, there’s a whole lot of goodness to be found in our range of fish*. But to benefit from these nutrients, eating a variety of fish, more often, is key.




Eating fish is also better for the planet. Fish has a lower environmental impact than beef and lamb which is why we believe, for the sake of our good health, and that of the environment, we need to be eating more fish as part of a planet-friendly diet.

*Rich means, in the context of a mineral or vitamin, that the food source provides at least 30% of the Recommended Daily Allowance. For protein, rich means that at least 20% of the energy provided by the food source comes from this nutrient.

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When you choose our fish, you choose fish that’s good all round.
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