Vegetarian Recipes & Veggie Meal Ideas

Vegetarian Recipes & Veggie Meal Ideas

Here at Birds Eye, we don’t believe that vegetarian recipes should ever be an afterthought or a mere footnote on your local restaurant’s menu. The nutritional benefits of eating more vegetables are endless, and even if you’re a keen carnivore – it’s vital that you add plenty of variation to your family’s diet.

Cooking up a simple vegetarian meal will shake things up in the kitchen. Plus it’s an easy way to edge closer to your five-a-day! Whether you’re slotting a veritably delicious veggie burger in a bun or preparing the perfect platter of veg fingers for your guests, Birds Eye have you covered.

Plus, a healthy plateful of veggie goodness can be delicious as well as nutritious. Don’t believe us? Lettuce guide you through some of our favourite recipes…

Easy vegetarian recipes


Easy to make pea veggie burger recipe

Our Birds Eye peas are ever so versatile – if you want proof then look no further than this unique veggie burger. Gather the kids round and get them on mashing duty to create this tasty treat in only five minutes.


Easy vegetable chilli recipe

There’s no need to venture to North America – just grab a bag of our Mexican Bean Mix and add some of our other favourite frozen veg before finishing with chilli and cumin to add spice to any occasion. Plus, one portion = 80% of your five-a-day – ay caramba indeed!


Macaroni cheese with garden peas

A homely macaroni cheese never seems to fail in warming the heart. Adding peas will give it a certain sweet edge which will not disappoint anyone at your table, leave out the pancetta for a delicious vegetarian winter warmer.


Vegetarian dinner recipes & ideas


Mexican bean burger

Grab the sombreros and ponchos – it’s time for Mexican night, and our bean burgers can be your crowning glory at the dinner table!

Top tip: If you love a bit of extra heat, add a few drops of sriracha sauce to see the temperature soar.

Chickpeas and spinach tajine

Grab the biggest pot you can and cook up this marvel of a Moroccan dish. The sweetness of that dried apricot combined with our tender Chickpea and Spinach Mix is a melange that is not to be missed.

Soya stir fry

Dust down your wok and prepare to dazzle your family with this delight of a stir fry. The key ingredient? Some delicious soya beans that are picked and frozen within hours to lock in all that vital nutrition.

Vegetarian canapés and nibbles


Pea and blue cheese filo tarts

On the hunt for an easy-to-cook canapé that will inject some elegance into your dinner party? This will tick the box and then some – we’d recommend gorgonzola for a melt-in-the-mouth treat that will provide the perfect start to your evening.

Roasted pea and aubergine dip with toasted pitta bread

This one could proudly sit in the middle of your rustic table spread. Make sure it’s not just your family and friends who get to taste your creation though – tear off a hunk of pitta bread and scoop up a large dollop of dip to satisfy the cook’s hunger.

Mushrooms on a waffle

If you think our potato waffles are just for kids, think again… See them as a glorious fluffy beds of potato on which nearly anything can sit, including these mushrooms in a creamy garlic and basil sauce.


These recipes are perfect for vegetarians as well as the most ardent of meat eaters. Made with love from Birds Eye, these meals could become instant family favourites. Give it a go and view our extensive range of frozen vegetable products…