Seafood main dishes

Seafood main dishes

3 seafood recipes your family will love.

Cooking seafood can be just as delicate as its flavour, so it's an ideal project for your family weekend lunch. Why not try frozen seafood? And remember to ask your kids for help! These 3 Prawn  seafood recipes will allow you to enjoy the delights of the sea together, from the kitchen to your table. They are so delicious that they may become part of your weekend routine.

Your next favourite crispy prawn recipe.

While the main dish is being prepared, why not whet your family’s appetite by preparing a quick starter? This Crispy Prawns with Sweet Chilli/Pea Purée is a surprising nibble that mixes the sweetness of peas with a light touch of spiciness. You can present it all together on a plate, or you can place the pea purée in a bowl and dip in the crispy prawns. In case some sweet chilli/pea purée is left over, toast some slices from your favourite bread, it tastes amazing on bread too!

Our twist on traditional seafood paella.

If you ask a Spaniard what the traditional paella is like you’ll find out that for them it’s the one that their mother prepares at home. Some of them mix seafood, meat and vegetables; others strongly believe that the original paella is just made only with seafood and veggies. The only ingredient that all of them have in common is the rice, so we decided to make it completely differently! In our Pea and Seafood Paella with Brown Rice and Saffron, we changed the traditional paella rice for nutty brown rice, and kept peas, seafood and saffron as key ingredients of the Spanish recipe. Once you master this version of paella, you’ll also be able to say you can cook the traditional one.

Bring Thailand home.

If you can’t get to Thailand, let Thailand come to you. With this Thai Prawn And Pea Stir Fry recipe, you can indulge yourself with the wonderful mix of Thai flavours. Tiger prawns, rice, peas... nutritious ingredients are mixed with herbs and spices to create a harmonious dish full of colour and taste. This complex, but at the same time simple, meal is the perfect dinner to finish your family day.

Do you feel a bit more like cooking? Complete the menu with our tasty family desserts.